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    Foundation "Together for Children"

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    Laparoscopic surgery with our new device

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    Pediatric Hospital in Bielsko-Biała


Pediatric Hospital in Bielsko-Biala is the only institution in our region, which comprehensively looks after little patients needs. The hospital has a wonderful staff and professionally trained consultants who successfully cure young patients. However, due to the difficult financial situation of National Health Services, Pediatric Hospital in Bielsko-Biala needs support.

Foundation "Together for children" was established in January of 2014. Above mentioned charity helps to fit the hospital with modern medical equipment and improve the quality of services provided - young patients together with their parents can stay at the hospital in comfortable and friendly environment.




President of foundation - Małgorzata Szwed

Małgorzata Szwed




Szpital Pediatryczny w Bielsku-Białej

Starostwo Powiatowe w Bielsku-Białej

Beskidzka Okręgowa Izba Pielęgniarek i Położnych